We’re pleased to meet you, if only virtually. We usually hear from 3 kinds of leaders:

  1. those who want to fix a problem and be happier,
  2. those who want to be more profitable, and
  3. those who want to fix a problem, be happier, and be more profitable.

If you fit in one of these categories, then you’re at the right place. All you really need is to be willing to consider new ideas. We believe we have one of the best value propositions in the world, and we’re excited to share it with you.

Imagine having a savvy,  seasoned, and successful business partner sitting at the table who has worked in nearly 100 businesses in a wide variety of industries. Then imagine your business with an ongoing culture of high performance in which you have 90% “A” Players and “A” Player Potentials, a great strategy and execution, revenue and profit rising steadily, and everyone happy and motivated to continue to improve even more.

We have helped other leaders create this ongoing culture of high performance, and we can help you create it as well. Life is short. Why settle for less?

Meet Us at the Intersection of Business and Psychology
Life is about happiness, and business success is about people and relationships, whether these relationships are face-to-face or virtual. These are things that every very successful leader knows. Intersection street sign

Use the Leader Trickle-Down LawTM to Your Advantage
As a leader your business takes on your personality, both strengths and weaknesses. It has to be so. Because of your power as the top decision maker, what you like and reward becomes the cultural norms of your organization. If your team members don’t agree with you, they either change their behavior to accommodate you or they leave.

Trickle Down pyramid

Therefore, the only real limitations on the success of ANY business are the weaknesses of its leader. This makes you think about going out and getting yourself some professional development, doesn’t it? I know it keeps us on our toes. Like Will Rogers said, “Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”

Why is this good news?

This means that:

  1. you have more control over the success of your businesses than you may have thought, 
  2. the success you desire is and always has been right at your fingertips, and 
  3. you can reach out and take it anytime you like. 

If this sounds good to you, then get in touch and let’s talk about how we can achieve your goals.

I hope you enjoy your visit to our website,  and I look forward to talking soon.
Dr. Terry “Doc” Dockery

Look for my new book, “Leadership, Happiness, and Profit: 10 Steps to a High Performance Business,” which will be published later this year.Book