Right people. Right plan. Right profits.

Welcome! Why settle for less than maximum financial performance by implementing tactical improvements of limited value? Our specialty is quickly putting your business into a strategic and sustainable hyper-performance mode while having fun doing it.

Call us at (770) 993-1129 or email us at info@businesspsychology.com. We will:

  1. Share our track record of success.
  2. Buy you a cup of coffee or lunch.
  3. Provide a free day of consulting to identify your main leverage points for dramatically increasing financial performance.


We hold these 5 truths to be self-evident:

  1. Dr. Terry “Doc” Dockery is one of the top Business Transformationalists in the world, and we’ll help you dramatically increase your profits at a minimum 10:1 Return on Investment.
  2. We have one of the world’s greatest value propositions, we treat everyone like we’d like to be treated, and we always do what we say we’re going to do. We value relationships above projects (see below).
  3. Everyone agrees that happiness is the most important thing in life, and Business Psychology is essential to harnessing happiness to dramatically increase your profits.
  4. After a few best-business-practice basics (like having a decent product and making more money than you spend), sustained financial success is about relationships–with yourself, with your teammates, and with your customers.
  5. We particularly enjoy working with family businesses. There are a hundred ways to make money, but you only have one family–there’s no need to damage your family relationships to achieve financial success.

Let us walk our talk by taking advantage of a full day of free world-class consulting; i.e., “a checkup with the Doc.” We’ll show you where your greatest opportunities for dramatically increased profits and happiness are–all reward and no risk.

Ready to talk? (770) 993-1129 or info@businesspsychology.com

COVER, final, 14-06-24Get our bestselling book at Amazon.com

“This is a practical guide that will lift your spirits and increase your profits. Follow these fun, elegant guidelines and you will accelerate on the road to success.”—Seth Kahan, Bestselling Author, Getting Change Right and Getting Innovation Right

“Using case studies and personal examples, Doc provides practical leadership truths. This is a must-read for the business executives who seek continuous improvement.”—Jansen Chazanof, Chair, Vistage International (the world’s largest CEO roundtable organization).

“Read it once for inspiration.  Read it again if you want to have more fun and make more money.”—Clay Rolader, President, Fuqua Capital

“Doc hits it out of the park with Leadership Happiness & Profit! Filled with the “Doc”-ism’s and “Doc”trines that helped Porter Properties “have more fun and make more money,” this book is an easy read and will prove to be a great reference for business owners and managers at any level.”—Howard Porter, Founder, Porter Properties


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