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The Ideal Time For More Success

Newsletter 66 The President of the company surveyed the VP’s seated around the luxurious boardroom table. He ended his pause for dramatic effect, “The performance improvement initiative that we’re considering has a hefty price tag. I’m not sure that this is the right time to pursue this project. I think we’re much too rich, powerful, […]

Motivation, Rag(s), and Riches

Newsletter 63 I just can’t get these people motivated? thought the manager. ?They’re already paid at the top of their salary range in the marketplace; they should be highly motivated and biting at the bit to get to the next level of performance. Instead they’re just cruising along on auto pilot and doing mediocre work. […]

Super Staff Meetings

Newsletter 60 The staff meeting seemed to drag on endlessly. It had started much later than the posted start time and had long since passed the agreed upon stop time. What dialog there was seemed not to include or be relevant to most the participants. Some people were trying to be productive by secretly sending […]

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