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Beware of the Drama Triangle

Beware of the Drama Triangle

How’s the drama level in your organization? Are people happy, energetic, and excited about the work of the business? Instead, do you see lots of: Low-energy people who avoid your glance Whispered conversations Secretive third-party, closed-door meetings? If so, beware of how much of your organizational energy that could be focused on having fun and making […]

The Beatings Will Continue…

“The beatings will continue until morale improves!” is one of my favorite sayings, because it’s playful, pithy, and powerful. Why, oh why, do I spend so much time trying to talk leaders out of this approach? There are really only two ways to change people’s behavior:  Pain Pleasure Now, as a leader you’ll need to use […]

Performance Management: Aligning Individual & Organizational Goals

Everyone knows that organizational/business goals are important. Everyone knows that individual goals are important. Aligning the two is a powerful tool to create sustained financial performance by having everyone “singing from the same sheet of music.” Here’s what’s important to include in your individual performance management system:   Clear, focused business goals. Clear, focused individual […]

Motivation, Rag(s), and Riches

Newsletter 63 I just can’t get these people motivated? thought the manager. ?They’re already paid at the top of their salary range in the marketplace; they should be highly motivated and biting at the bit to get to the next level of performance. Instead they’re just cruising along on auto pilot and doing mediocre work. […]

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