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Leading in Hard Times

Newsletter 51 The partners looked shell shocked and bewildered. One finally spoke up. “What in the world are we going to do? Banks and financial service firms are self destructing, the stock market is imploding, retailers are going out of business, and people are losing their homes! How do we plot a plan of action […]

Happiness Can Buy Money

Newsletter 50 The family business had been struggling for some time. An exasperated Mr. Jones, the father and President of the company, was talking with Sue, his oldest daughter and Vice President of Marketing. “We’ve got to make some changes around here. Volume is down, profits are down, and we’re in serious danger of running […]

The Organizational Family

Newsletter 27 Aristotle believed that the family is the foundation upon which all other organizations in the world are built. In other words, a family is a microcosm of all other systems of governance. This is most certainly true for business organizations, and some interesting parallels emerge. As I’ve noted before, good leaders tend to […]

Leadership Style Detours

Newsletter 25 The Society for Advancement of Consulting recently distributed a list of ten “detours” from the path of effective leadership. Perhaps you, too, will say to yourself, “Wow! I’ve seen that style before!” If one of the following styles reminds you of yourself, then there’s no time like the present to get out of […]

Leadership Is

Newsletter 24 Susan was feeling overwhelmed. She was relatively new to her leadership position, and she desperately wanted to be successful in her new role. In her search for resources, she had found a seemingly endless and confusing array of books and training workshops that seemed to promise to equip her to rule the world […]

Good Leaders Are Good Parents

Newsletter 19 Joan’s dilemma was this: As the leader of her sales organization she was concerned about Ted, one of her best young producers. While his sales numbers were outstanding, he was insensitive chronically to the needs of the other members of the team. He was terrible about getting his paperwork in or sharing the […]

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