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Setting The Bar

Newsletter 18 John couldn’t figure it out. His industrial supply business was struggling, and for the life of him he didn’t understand why. He found himself working harder and harder to try to succeed; recently his nights and weekends had blurred into a regular part of his work week. He had begun to feel depressed […]

Hearts and Minds

Newsletter 17 Jan looked at her co-interviewer Tom quizzically-she wasn’t sure what to make of this candidate for the President of the Division. His resume read like a Who’s-Who of power and success, and he handled himself with great self assurance and aplomb, but she was troubled by a queasy feeling in the pit of […]

Make Fun Sacred

Newsletter 12 You can have fun without having high performance in your organization, but you can’t have sustained high performance in your organization without having fun. This seems glaringly self evident to me, but I’m always surprised at how many people will argue this point. Example: The president of a division in a major manufacturing […]

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