Client Results

The following examples are representative client results achieved by Dr. Dockery:

  • Situation: A professional services business suffered from poor teamwork in the partner group resulting in financial under performance.
  • Results achieved: Dramatically improved teamwork and leadership skills among the partners. Doubled revenue and tripled profit within a relatively brief time.

  • Situation: A professional services business was experiencing high turnover and low employee morale.
  • Results achieved: Reduced employee turnover to near zero and improved employee morale to among the highest in the region. Doubled revenue within a relatively brief time.

  • Situation: Over 20 years, a manufacturing plant had 4 owners and lost money the entire time. The relationship between management and the union employees was very poor.
  • Results achieved: Management and union employees were working together harmoniously within 60 days, and productivity and profit increased dramatically.

  • Situation: A successful entrepreneur with multiple office locations found himself feeling overly stressed by the increasing demands of his growing business.
  • Results achieved: The owner dramatically improved his leadership and management skills and achieved a better work/personal balance without sacrificing his business goals.

  • Situation: A growing services firm was considering acquiring a similar company but wanted additional insight into: a) the cultural fit between the two organizations, and b) whether to retain all the members of the senior leadership team of the target company.
  • Results achieved: An evaluation of the culture and senior talent of the target organization led to an offer to buy, but with the provision that some members of the senior leadership team would not be retained.

  • Situation: The multi-national senior leadership team at the American headquarters of a global manufacturing company was experiencing a very low level of team performance.
  • Results achieved: Dramatically improved trust, teamwork, satisfaction, and team performance within 60 days.

  • Situation: A husband and wife owned and co-managed a successful professional services firm. This business arrangement resulted in a high degree of conflict with the other partners in the firm and a loss of quality in the relationship of the spouses.
  • Results achieved: One spouse left the firm to start another successful business, teamwork and performance improved in the original firm, and the quality of the relationship between the spouses increased dramatically.

  • Situation: The son of a very successful entrepreneur was about to take the helm of the family business as his father retired, but he was struggling with asserting his own leadership style.
  • Results achieved: The father and son agreed to implement the transition in planned stages, which allowed them both to achieve their individual goals and execute a smooth and successful change in leadership.

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